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Agios Ioannis, Kaspakas
Lemnos , 81400, Greece

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Hotel Porto Plaza Beach Resort - Accommodation

The new Porto Plaza Hotel Beach Resort on Ayios Ioannis-Kaspakas, near Myrina Limnos (Lemnos) includes 38 hotel rooms and 2 Superior Suites with, all of which are comfortable and fully-equipped. These rooms and suites are especially designed to offer our guests a carefree and relaxing stay on Lemnos Island.
The Porto Plaza  hotel rooms and suites for rent are designed to offer easy access to people with kinetic disabilities.

All the Porto Plaza Hotel Beach Resort rooms and suites are air-conditioned and feature:
- a private bathroom
- a mini bar
- a sat TV
- a phone
- a desk
- a hair dryer
- coffee and tea making facilities
- free wifi internet access
- a balcony and a veranda with a lovely sea view



porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_nixta4 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_1pisina2 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_nixta6 porto_plaza_lemnos_iliobasilema1
Πρωινό στο Ξενοδοχείο Πορτο Πλάζα porto_plaza_lemnos_1proino2 porto_plaza_lemnos_1ypodoxi1 porto_plaza_lemnos_1ypodoxi3
porto_plaza_lemnos_domatia1 porto_plaza_lemnos_domatia2 porto_plaza_lemnos_domatia3 porto_plaza_lemnos_domatia5
porto_plaza_lemnos_domatia4 porto_plaza_lemnos_loutro3 porto_plaza_lemnos_loutro4 porto_plaza_lemnos_loutro5
porto_plaza_lemnos_souita1 porto_plaza_lemnos_souita porto_plaza_lemnos_souita3 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_1pisina5
porto_plaza_lemnos_estiatorio1 porto_plaza_lemnos_estiatorio2 porto_plaza_lemnos_estiatorio3 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_1pisina3
porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_imera1 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_imera2 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_piso1 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_piso2
Ξενοδοχείο Porto Plaza Λήμνος τεσσάρων αστέρων υπηρεσίες και καλές τιμές porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_nixta1 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_1pisina1 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_nixta3
porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_nixta2 porto_plaza_lemnos_iliobasilema porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_nixta5 porto_plaza_lemnos_exoteriko_1pisina4
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